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Ajax Patterns

Ajax Patterns

Design patterns are extremely useful when developing large-scale applications. Design patterns provide code flexibility and help establish a way of handling common situations that occur in the logic of an application.

Ajax Patterns are mainly classified into six different design patterns

Singleton Pattern

A Singleton object is one that cannot be instantiated more than once. the Singleton pattern solves the problem of having to instantiate multiple instances of an object throughout an application by simply giving our application one reference that never changes. This is how the Singleton pattern specifically solves a common programming problem. Read more...

Model - View - Controller

The Model View Controller (MVC) pattern is the separation of an application's graphical user interface (GUI) from its core logic. Read more...

The Observer Pattern

The Observer pattern is a design pattern that is used to observe the state of an object in an application. The observed object allows other objects to register and unregister as observers. The observers are notified when specific events that they are observing are fired. Read more...

Data Reflection Pattern

The Data Reflection pattern is a pattern that keeps web application content in sync with the database and with the file it is requesting. Read more...

Interaction Patterns

There are many interaction patterns emerging in the budding presence of Ajax. Web applications can now have front-end functionality that is much more complex, such as interacting with the database without a browser refresh. Read more...

Usability Patterns

The usability patterns are designed to provide a more intuitive user experience and eliminate all the annoying JavaScript dialogs that have existed in many applications over the years. The GUI should be free of questions and uncertainty. Read more...

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