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AJAX Example Programs

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To understand how AJAX works, we will just examine these AJAX examples programs.

1.AJAX sample program to see the contents of a text file
2.Fetching data with Ajax
3.XML in ACTION : AJAX Sample Program
4.AJAX PHP Form Validation
5.Sample program demonstrating AJAX
6.Using two XMLHttpRequest objects - Sample AJAX Code
7.Buy a television by dragging it to the shopping cart - AJAX Sample Program
8.Fetching data with Ajax - Sample AJAX Program
9.Using Ajax and XML - AJAX Sample Program
10.Using Ajax and XML 2 - Sample AJAX Program
11.Using Ajax and XML 3 - Sample Ajax Code
12.Reading header information - AJAX Sample Program
13.Downloading images with Ajax - Sample Ajax Code
14.Fetching data with Ajax 1 - Sample AJAX Code
15.Fetching data with Ajax 2 - Sample AJAX Codes
16.Fetching data with Ajax and ASP, PHP - AJAX Sample Program
17.Creating Ajax-enabled menus - Sample AJAX Code
18.Using multiple XMLHttpRequest objects - AJAX Sample Programs
19.Buy a television by dragging it to the shopping cart | Ajax Drag and Drop

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Anonymous said...

Is the server or the client in control in AJAX?

Monica said...

It depends. With AJAX the answer is more in between. Control can be more centralized in a server-side component or as a mix of client-side and server-side controllers.
Centralized server-side controller - When having a more centralized controller the key is to make sure the data in client-side page is in sync with that of the server. Some applications may keep all the state on the server and push all updates to client DOM via a simple JavaScript controller.
Client and server-side controllers - This architecture would use JavaScript to do all presentation related control, event processing, page manipulation, and rendering of model data on the client. The server-side would be responsible for things such as business logic and pushing updated model data to the client. In this case the server would not have intimate knowledge of the presentation short of the initial page that would be sent to the client page request.
There are some use cases where an entire AJAX application can be written in a single page. Keep in mind if you choose this type of architecture that navigation and bookmarking should be considered.

Jhony said...

Why so JavaScript and Java have similar name?

Srikanth said...

While, JavaScript's syntax is loosely based on Java's

haritha said...

When a user views a page containing a JavaScript program, which machine actually executes the script?

Sam said...

The User's machine running a Web browser

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