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AJAX real time examples by Google Suggest

Welcome to AJAX. It’s a very exciting technology, very impressive and the matter of fact I believe with this is future of web applications is based on AJAX. Using AJAX, allows you to check and download data behind the scenes in your web browser, Which makes your web browser look a lot more like a true desktop application because instead of having to get a four web page refresh, you can automatically download data behind the scenes and display it, work with it, handle it, show it to the user.

For example, take a look at this new google suggest page, which you seen here in image, just visit google suggest page, while you are reading this. You can enter a search term here, for example, searching for AJAX, I enter ‘a’ as you see what happens here is that the web page has checked in behind the scenes with the server “google server” and has collected matches, popular matches to my partially entered search term. “a” for ajax and suggest them, so if you keep typing j for ajax, then you see there is while the terms are been selected is ajax with 3,840,000 results. So it’s very impressive display and or if you do selected, you are taking directly to the google page for AJAX.

You can find all matches to ajax on the page and most impressive is are you are going to do enter search term or partial search terms and behind the scenes browser checks with google website using AJAX technology, downloads possible matches to term to display them for your selection. When you select the term, you go to directly to the google webpage.

That’s the example of AJAX, because it does it behind the scenes checks the server, downloads data, and displays it to you without causing a page refresh.

In old days, used to have page refresh every time we want to display the new data, and that keeps the web a very fracture feeling because whole entire page have been refreshed if you want to check for new data, and now you don’t have to cause page refresh and all are exciting technology using AJAX, because you no longer have to cause a page refresh instead you can update the parts of the page you want, and work with the server behind the scene. That makes AJAX applications see lot more like desktop applications than web applications.

That’s the instructions for AJAX and we’re talking about AJAX is a terrific technology.

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