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Introduction to MySQL

Obviously, in order to follow along with the examples in this chapter, you will need to
have a few applications running on your server. In order to make this example as flexible
as possible, I will show how to connect to MySQL using PHP code that will work on
servers that are compliant with PHP 5. Since MySQL 5 is extremely new as I write this,and not a great many server hosts have upgraded, I will show how to make it work from
MySQL 4 and up. Therefore, you will need PHP 5 and a version of MySQL 4 or higher
(3 will likely work just fine as well) installed on an Apache (or equivalent) server.

Before you can make use of MySQL, you must first research some core principles.
MySQL makes use of SQL (structured query language) when performing queries to the
database. It is therefore quite important to understand how SQL works, and what types of
queries will facilitate certain types of functionality. This book assumes that you know the
basics of implementing a database and running queries on it, as explaining the intricacies
of database management can quite easily fill a book on its own.

In the interest of creating an actual usable application, you will continue building the
application you started in Chapter 3. Basically, you will work to finalize the task management
solution by connecting the current Ajax-oriented JavaScript and PHP code with a
MySQL database so that you can actually draw information and save data dynamically to
a database. When finished, you will have a fully functional task management system that
can be used and implemented in any situation required.

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daemon said...

What AJAX framework do you recommend for PHP applications?

Dev said...

SAjax, NAjax, FAjax.
All of them are ok, but it it best to make your own to suit your needs

Ajax :) said...

I recommend prorotype framework, its best, Don't confuse in this and that, just pick this one and enjoy AJAX.

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