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AJAX Resources

AJAX Resources

Below is a list of random AJAX resources from around the web.

Handling Bookmarks and Back Button

This article descripts how to use the Really Simple History Framework to handle bookmarks and using the browsers back button in your AJAX applications.

Yahoo! UI Library

Yahoo has released a set of DHTML / DOM / AJAX components for use in your websites. Licensed under the BSD

AJAX Freaks

Here is a site that I ran across that is a typical developer style site dedicated to AJAX. They have articles, tutorials, and forums. Could grow to a large community.

AJAX Matters

Here is a pretty extensive list of AJAX sites, frameworks, articles and just general links to AJAX programming information. If you just want to explore the world of AJAX this is a good place to start.

AJAX Projects

Here is a new site that is getting started. The author Hazem Torab is collecting AJAX resources and tutorials from around the web and adding them to the site. Could become a great AJAX resource even if he did jack my tutorial word for word.

AJAX Patterns

Here is a site dedicated to AJAX programming in the form of a Wiki. Looks like it has the potential to become a very in-depth site.

43 Useful AJAX Applications

I don't fully agree that everything on this list is useful, but there are quite a few good examples of AJAX on this site that show how AJAX can improve usability rather than just being Buzz-Word compliant.

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Kanth said...

What are the different frameworks available In AJAX?

Sam said...

A good framework that I have seen is "Zephyr".
It is used with php and seems to be very easy to use.

You can get it from here http://zephyr-php.sourceforge.net

Amit said...

Prototype.JS Framework is available with detailed documentation, its very easy to handle AJAX and JavaScript, Introduce $ concept its very simple, For Ajax specially u don't need to check cross broswer, OPen, Close and error handling through traditional AJAX.

Babu said...

There are so many - a good question as anyone who starts developing with ajax invariably has to look at some of the frameworks

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